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Beauly Community Council Minutes No 44

February 26th 2024 Held at Phipps Hall

In attendance

Community Cllrs             Cllrs               Assoc Members

Rosie Macdonald         Emma Knox           Tony Boyland
Mark Simmons 
James Campbell      
Seona Fraser
Joan Campbell
Ivar Campbell     

Jane Cumming,   Chris Balance,   Aimee Bertrum,  Roy Harrison,  
David Fraser,   Helen Crawford

Sasha Thurau
Duncan Fraser
Jenny English

Joan Campbell chaired meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance.

Planning Report

Change of use for Laundrette - concerns raised regarding noise issues and environmental health. Duncan Fraser attended our meeting and still awaiting feedback from Sepa and Environmental health.
Bridgend Filling Station planning.  Duncan advised that the proposed planning will include moving Royal Mail Sorting office to one of the new units to move royal mail traffic away from petrol pumps with the other unit possibly being a larger Laundromat.  The accommodation above units consists of a one bedroom flat and a small office.  Duncan did not foresee increase in traffic due to the new building.

Financial Statement

No 1 Account                                  £  3732.32
No 2 Account                                  £  5363.72

Children Hall Account                       £  1561.73
Lovat Account                                 £. 1540.75
Beauly in Bloom Account                   £  2161.33

Minutes from meeting 29th January 2023

Approved by James Campbell and seconded by Mark Simmons

Matters arising from last meeting

Beauly School

Highland Council have identified a range of potential improvements as follows:-

1.A new modular kitchen/dining unit to replace the existing canteen building which would be demolished to free up additional external play space. 2.A new modular nursery building to allow the existing nursery space to be freed up and existing staff room building removed.  

2. A new modular nursery building to allow the existing nursery space to be
freed up and existing staff room building removed.

3.Realignment of footpaths and fencing along the playing field boundaries to improve security with a pedestrian access route along Croyard Park.

4. Improvements to the 2 stone buildings with priorities being toilets building fabrics heating etc.

Beauly Community Trust

Surveys now out in Beauly News and Beauly Online. Jane Cumming has dates agreed for talks to Beauly school, History group, Senior Citizens and Lunch Club throughout March.  Surveys to be completed by end of March.  Kilmorack Community Council are interested in being part of the trust and we are enquiring what is involved and discuss at the next Trust meeting.

Pot holes and abandoned cars etc.

Mark continues to report various issues in the village. 

Beauly Community Liaison Group   OFGEM Meeting
Next meeting 12th March at Lovat Hotel 7pm  

Awaiting information from Kate Forbes

Village Flowers

Meeting to be held Wednesday 28th February in the Priory Hotel to discuss with Greens Nursery our options for this year.  Possibly to included 40th Highland Cross anniversary and we will contact them for their input.

Cnoc/Village Paths

We advised Lovat estates of the damage done to the path due to recent flooding and they are organising for the path to be reinstated.  We are to request from Breedons 4 tonnes of Quarry Dust for path  repairs at Maple Vale.

20mph Zone

Decision made by Highland council to gather more information from those living near the traffic calming projects.  Surveys have been sent to local properties and to be returned by 6th March.  An online community survey has also been created and posted on Beauly Online to gauge the impact of what was installed and how the community feel about it.  

Beauly Square One Way Initiative.

Meeting still to be arranged.

NEW National Park/Glen Affic & Loch Ness

Applications have been withdrawn.

Lovat Garden

We have contacted Paul Wilson with our agreement to them to go ahead with their memorial plaque.

Old Priory

John Fountain advised that once scaffolding has been erected the grounds will be opened but the Old Priory will stay closed while the work continues. He hopes the work on the Old Priory will take approx. 3 months .

Defibrillators for village -
suggestion made for a defibrillator at the  Co-op and Roy Harrison to approach the manager to request them to organise this.

Zurich Insurance

Policy due for renewal on 1st April.  Members to review to ensure there are no amendments needed.  We will discuss risk assessments for volunteer work at our next meeting.

Ward Discretionary Grant

£500 received to assist with expenditure for drop in days for community Trust.

Outstanding Items as at November 2023    

1. Community Emergency/Resilience plan - Action Roy Harrison

2. Highland Council Outstanding Matters

Junction at Priory Hotel
Better sign for Public Toilets
Trees on Station Road and High Street

Lyndale Hedges
No 12 station Road.
Braeview Park lining.
Toll junction lining

3. Belladrum-Traffic plan could be available end of March beginning April.We will ask for them to attend March meeting.

4. Basketball Hoop -work still to be completed.

5. Tree on Monument - to be removed when Christmas lights taken down.

6. Christmas Light Design - Roy Harrison to with Cieron Mellons regarding this


Next Meeting Monday 25th March 2024 at Phipps Hall at 7pm







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