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Beauly Community Council Minutes No 43

January 29th 2024 Held at Phipps Hall

In attendance

Community Cllrs 




Assoc Members

Rosie Macdonald         


Emma Knox                                           


Tony Boyland                                             

Roy Harrison                                   


Helen Crawford             



Mark Simmons            





James Campbell          

Seona Fraser

Jane Cumming


















Joan Campbell            


Chris Ballance   



Aimee Bertrum               

Ivar Campbell                                  


David Fraser,          












Calum Munro, John Fraser, Highland Cross

Siobhan Grieger, Parent Council

Apologies: Jenny English


Roy Harrison chaired meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance.

Planning Report

Netherdale, Station Road demolition and re-erection of rear elevation. Springfield properties, modification from 24 houses and 16 flats to 7 houses and 4 flats.

Bridgend filling station erection of 2 commercial and 2 residential units - concerns raised regarding traffic chaos at junction entering filling station with cars queuing onto main road.  Contact Duncan Fraser to discuss.

Change of use for Laundrette - concerns raised regarding noise issues and environmental health.  Sounds survey has been carried out and no feed back received yet.  Cllr Emma Knox to chase this.

Minutes from meeting 27th November 2023

Approved by James Campbell and seconded by Mark Simmons

Financial Statement

No 1 Account                                £  3596.08

No 2 Account                                £  6160.52

Children Hall Account                    £  1559.68

Lovat Account                               £. 1538.73
Beauly in Bloom Account               £  2198.81

Matters arising from last meeting

Beauly School

Siobhan Grieger from Parent Council advised that meeting planned for December did not take place and no update has been received.  Cllrs Knox,

Crawford & Fraser are pressing senior officers for an urgent meeting with Beauly Parent Council to provide them with an update and to answer their questions.  Cllr Knox advised off impending news.

Beauly Community Trust

A survey is included in Beauly News for completion and return to Morrisons or Bridgend Filling Station by end of March.  Talks to village groups and school will take place during March, online survey also available.  Once all forms are collated a drop in session will be held in the Phipps Hall on Saturday 20th April.  We are awaiting confirmation from Kilmorack Community Council that they wish to be part of the trust.

Pot holes and abandoned cars etc

Recently reported junction Croyard road/Mainroad and Campbell Tweedhouse.

Christmas Lights

All the cherry tree lights have been replaced and 11 new Christmas lights purchased (5 replacement).  Funds have been received from Beauly Business Group and once all invoices paid we maybe in a position to purchase more lights.  

Christmas Light Switch on was a great success once more.  Beauly Primary Schoolchildren had a lantern parade from the school to the Square where they entertained the crowds with some festive singing and were rewarded with a visit from Mr & Mrs Santa Claus on the fire engine.

Beauly Community Liaison Group

Meeting held on 21st November at Lovat Arms Hotel attended by Seona Fraser and Jim Stewart.  Invitation extended for a site visit to Fanellan on Tuesday 16th January to discuss visual mitigation opportunities.  Next meeting Tuesday 27th February.


OFGEM Meeting

Meeting was held on 1st December at Phipps Hall with MSP Kate Forbes and representatives of Ofgem.  The following issues were discussed.

Wester Balblair substation,
River Beauly
Fasnakyle OHL Spur

Community Benefits.
Kate Forbes will be in touch once Ofgem’s response to concerns raised are received.

Braeview Parking

Cllr David Fraser to chase this matter.

20mph Zone

Ross Bartlett had a meeting on Tuesday 23rd January to discuss removal of speed bumps but no update received for our meeting.

Cllr Helen Crawford advised that a further survey is to be carried out and Cllr Knox will write Ross for an up date.

Road Signage & White Lining

Road sign at the Toll has been removed.  Apparently the sign was not accurate and as no longer a trunk road there is no statutory requirement to have a sign there.  Tony Boyland advised that the white lines at the Toll junction road edge and middle to road require redone.  Cllr Knox to chase.

Beauly Square One Way Initiative.

Meeting planned for the 14th December cancelled due to bad weather.  We will re-arranged meeting for February.

NEW National Park/Glen Affic & Loch Ness
Presentation in Phipps Hall Thursday 1st February.

Lovat Garden
Paul Wilson chairman of Royal Marines Association has been liasing with Simon Lovat regarding creating a memorial plaque in the Garden and would thereafter help with the up keep.  We have to get back to him with our agreement and then have a site meeting.  Area suggested on left of entrance to be completely cleared.

Defibrillators for village - suggestion made for a defibrillator at the  Co-op and Roy Harrison to approach the manager to request them to organise this.

Highland Cross

Callum Munro and John Fraser attended our meeting to update us on this years event on 22nd June.  Planning is progressing well and the following points were covered.

Parking notices and barriers in the square and in front of Boots to go out earlier.  Order is available to remove any cars still parked on Saturday morning.

Cabin for recording timings to set up in the square on the Friday as Phipps Hall was not convenient.

Large bins to be hired from Highland Council for waste bags and collection on Monday.

Barriers provided and erected by Alba Traffic.

Scaffolding Tower requires signed off as safe and Siobhan Grieger will contact James Campbell with details of someone who can do this. Police have requested cones along centre line from Garden Place to Phipps hall to easy traffic flow.

Outstanding Items as at November 2023   

1. Community Emergency/Resilience plan - Action Roy Harrison

2. Highland Council Outstanding Matters
    Junction at Priory Hotel
    Better sign for Public Toilets
    Drainage on Station Road
    Trees on Station Road and High Street
    Lyndale Hedges
    No 12 station Road.

4. Old Priory        -        John Fountain still to advise about work to be completed on building.  He has also to advise about sign for Elm Tree.

5. Belladrum       -        We await to hear their plans for traffic management for next years event.

7. Cnoc               -        Funding application pending.

8.  Basketball Hoop -    work still to be completed.

9. Tree on Monument - to be removed when Christmas lights taken down.

10. Christmas Light Design - Roy Harrison to liase with Cieron Mellons regarding this

Next Meeting Monday 26th February 2024 at Phipps Hall at 7pm






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